A brief history of The Mojo Benders

Many hours before dawn early in 2013, in an undisclosed location within a damp basement somewhere north of the 43rd parallel and west of the 77th meridian, four ordinary men came together with their instruments and voices. They plugged in their amplifiers and microphones, thus marking the humble beginning of the Mojo Benders. Their quest? Simply this: to seek out and share with, in fact to imbue others with the positive Mojo of great music; to bend, maybe just a little, the arc of perception on the part of the listener.

Following the time-honored tradition of music-making that virtually spans the length of history, The Mojo Benders proudly share their love of and for music.

Hailing from different points on the local compass, The Mojo Benders play rock music that is both at once, accessible and memorable.

Dan Tortora and Joe Hendrick, front the band and regularly exchange vocals and guitar duties. It all comes together with the rhythm section of Mike Hooper on bass guitar and Dennis Buttery on drums.Together, the Benders infuse their own energy and style to create a unique, tight, rock 'n' roll show. Add in some eclectic covers including John Hiatt, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Bob Marley (to name a few) and you have The Mojo Benders! Fun, entertaining, and in their own way, uniquely original.

The Mojo Benders: Representing music lovers everywhere!